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If you want to get rid of your Candida albican infection, try The Candida Diet. It tells you what you should and should not eat in order to starve the Candida.

No illness which can be treated by the diet should be treated by any other means."

       - Moshe ben Maimon

Starving the Candida is the second step of the Six Steps to Health. You need to stop feeding the Candida so they are readily killed by whichever treatment you choose.

Candida thrive on sugar.  Therefore the Candida Diet is a low sugar - low carbohydrate diet.  Carbs are converted to sugar in the body so they need to be avoided as much as possible.

At first the diet may seem overwhelming but you should only need to stay on it for a few weeks.  You can then use the Challenge Phase of the Candida Diet to start adding foods back into you diet while looking for symptoms.  If a food causes any symptoms, do not eat it.

I never plan on returning to my pre Candida Diet.  While doing my research on, I discovered the Standard American Diet (SAD) is responsible for most of the degenerative diseases that are affecting society today.  

I wouldn't recommend you return to a SAD diet either.  Once you get the toxins cleared out of your system, you will be amazed how good you feel. And how bad you feel when you eat the junk foods you used to eat.

The Candida Diet is discussed in great detail on pages 46-52 in the book "Candida Albicans - The Hidden Disease".  It is also covered in six of the eight appendices (Appendix A through Appendix F), covering pages 69 through 77.

Appendix F is a quick reference guide that you cut out and take with you as a shopping guide.  No more guessing if you should buy the food or not!

Candida Diet

Foods to Avoid

  • Do not eat any sugar or any forms of sugar
  • Do not eat white foods (high in carbs)
        White sugar
        White flour
        White rice
  • Do not eat grains (high in carbs)
        Avoid wheat and wheat products
            Pastas (replace with Miracle Noodles)
            Any product that has flour as an ingredient
        Avoid corn
        Avoid soybean products (except those listed below)
        Avoid rice (replace with Miracle Rice)
  • Avoid Mercury Contaminated Seafood (chemicals)
  • Do not eat mushrooms (may contain mycotoxins)
  • Do not eat peanuts or pistachios (may contain mycotoxins)
        Any product containing peanuts
        Peanut butter
        Peanut oil
        Any product cooked in peanut oil
  • Do not use white vinegar (may contain mycotoxins)
        Avoid foods stored in vinegar
  • Avoid food additives (chemicals)
  • Avoid preservatives (chemicals)
  • Avoid processed foods (chemicals)
  • Avoid foods in a bag, box or can (chemicals)
  • Avoid hydrogenated foods (chemicals)
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners (chemicals)
        Use Lakanto, Stevia or Xylitol to sweeten foods
  • Avoid vegetable oils (may contain mycotoxins)
        Anything cooked in vegetable oils
        Use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for cooking

Foods to Eat

Click here for a printable list of the Candida Safe Food List.

Removing some of these foods may seem very challenging at first.  A common question I receive is "What will I be able to eat?".  

Candida Diet Cookbook

The fact is, for most people eating healthy takes time… planning… and diligence. But what if you could eat the best foods for your body's health with easy recipes that taste great and can impress any dinner guest? 

Now it's easier than ever to enjoy meals that are both healing and delicious. And once you begin to understand how beneficial, nourishing, and tasty these foods can be, unhealthy foods won't appeal to you. Start preparing quick and easy meals for the whole family to enjoy! 

Pick up your copy of The Body Ecology Living Cookbook today and you will get: 

  1. Over 250 delicious recipes that are full of probiotics and nutrients
  2. Recipes that are free of sugar and gluten
  3. Simple cooking tips and steps
  4. Meals that strengthen your immunity and protect against harmful pathogens
  5. Ingredients that cleanse your body of dangerous toxins
  6. An end to digestive problems by re-establishing and nourishing your inner ecosystem

Challenge Phase of the Candida Diet

  1. Wait at least two weeks after all symptoms are gone.

  2. Add one of the avoided foods into your diet.

  3. Watch for symptoms for 48 hours.

  4. If you don't get any symptoms, it is safe to eat that food again.

  5. Proceed to challenge your body with each avoided food until all have been tested.

If symptoms recur, you either have not gotten rid of the Candida or you were sensitive to the food prior to getting a Candida overgrowth and it should be avoided for now and retested later. 


There are several reasons why the Candida Diet helps to kill off excess Candida.  Sugar is the main source of nourishment for the Candida fungus.  Most of the foods in the avoid list turn to sugar quickly in the human body.  These sugars are not needed by the human body but are vital to the growth of Candida albicans.  If you stop feeding the Candida, it will eventually die off.

Other foods on the avoid list are either on the direct cause list or the indirect cause list.  

Even if you cure your Candida overgrowth, if you continue to eat these foods you will end up with another overgrowth.

Most of the foods on the Foods to Eat list like the protein, water and raw foods are all part of a healthy diet that helps build your immunity and fight off the Candida.

Juicing also supplies your body with essential nutrients, live enzymes and plenty of vitamins and minerals that help build your immunity.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

       - Thomas A. Edison

The fermented foods contain natural probiotics to help rebuild the beneficial bacteria in your gut that fight off the Candida overgrowth.  It is a lack of these beneficial bacteria that allowed the Candida overgrowth in the beginning.

Another component of the Candida Diet is to try to avoid the harmful food additives in the typical SAD.  These harmful ingredients lower your immunity and make it harder to fight off the Candida.

Note: you may experience "die off" symptoms & feel like the flu is coming on. It is a temporary condition that happens when your body is overloaded by dead Candida.  The Candida need to be eliminated so stick with it - you'll be amazed at how quickly your health and vitality return.

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If you are the type That needs a step by step checklist for treating your Candida overgrowth Including recommended brands and DOSAGES, you will be interested in the book "Candida albicans - The Hidden Disease"

Candida Albicans - The Hidden Disease

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