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I started this website to help others deal with their Candida overgrowth.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to do that through content that is completely free of charge for your benefit.  

This advertising disclosure lets you know that the costs involved in running this site are covered by revenue that is generated in various places throughout the site.

Affiliate Programs

In most cases, when you click on the links in this website and purchase items, I will receive a small referral commission.  Please know that these links do not influence the content of the website.  

Making purchases via the links does not cause the product to be higher in cost.  I link to products that I think visitors will find useful. Period.  The fact that your purchases help support this site is just a bonus!

Google Ads

The "Ads by Google" are not selected by me. Google decides what ads to display on the pages, so if you see a Google ad and a web page about the same product or service, it is a mere coincidence beyond my control.

SiteSell Ads

This site is hosted by SiteSell. I discovered SiteSell and the Site Build It! online business building process when I started this site. I truly believe it can create a successful business for anyone.

When you click on any of my links to SiteSell then they record the fact that you visited them from my website and if you purchase a website through SBI then I may earn a commission.

Kontera Ads

Words that are double-underlined are text ads, like Google's, except not as clearly identified by Kontera.

Amazon Ads

Rodney Davidson is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Product Samples

I occasionally receive product samples from companies such as books and food items and share my thoughts about the product with visitors.  I am not compensated for the reviews of these products (unless noted otherwise) and I always share my honest opinion.  If I don’t think the product will be of benefit to visitors, I will not include it on the website.

Sponsored Content

I do accept requests for sponsorship of this website.  I carefully choose sponsors based on whether or not I feel their products meet the needs of the website visitors.  If you are interested in sponsoring this site, click here.

To avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest and in the spirit of full disclosure, I identify all sponsored content to you.

Showing Support

Let's assume you love the product you've purchased and you choose to order it again.

This is where you can help show your support.

If you come back to Candida-Albicans-Cure and click on our link we will again make that small commission. You also have a second option. You will no doubt get information directly from the merchant selling the product.

If you go directly to the merchant's web site, you will pay the same price but Candida-Albicans-Cure will not be credited with the sale or receive any compensation.

Please support my sponsors and recommendations. This site takes time, effort and money to maintain and to deliver on-going original content, for free, to help you regain control of your health. Supporting my sponsors is a WIN-WIN-WIN for you, me, and them.

Thank you very much.
Rodney Davison


If you are the type That needs a step by step checklist for treating your Candida overgrowth Including recommended brands and DOSAGES, you will be interested in the book "Candida albicans - The Hidden Disease"

Candida Albicans - The Hidden Disease

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