Depression and Candida

Candida release many toxins, one of the effects of these toxins on your body is depression.

When toxic Candida byproducts enter the bloodstream, they can affect the brain. This yeast toxin hypersensitivity has a number of negative neurological effects. 

Some of those effects are: memory issues, anxiety and  reduction in reasoning ability. In order to get relief, the  Candida needs to be controlled and minimized.

Dealing with Depression

Since depression can be directly caused by Candida, you should start on one of the Candida elimination programs. Both programs use a multi-step program to get the Candida under control.

The natural cure uses herbs and supplements to get the Candida under control. The Candida medicine page describes how to use pharmaceuticals to kill the Candida. I always recommend the natural Candida cure since pharmaceutical antifungals are hard on your liver.

You also need to keep a journal of everything you eat and how you feel two hours later. This journal is critical in determining what foods you should avoid and what foods you can eat.

Any food that makes you feel tired, bloated or ill should be removed from your diet until the treatment is complete. Also any food that creates cravings instead of filling you up should be avoided.

When the treatment program is complete, don't immediately return to your old eating habits. Perform the Challenge Phase of the Candida diet.

You also need to learn to reduce stress levels, and to improve your mental outlook and level of positivity. Many studies have proven that a positive mental outlook is better than medicine in most issues.

One way to effectively deal with stress is to use EFT. EFT is a method of tapping on certain points in the body to help you deal emotional traumas - both recent and past.

Another method to deal with stress is Qigong. Qigong is a method of slow movements meant to stimulate energy flow in the body. It has been in use in China since ancient times.

Using a treatment program and keeping a journal of your eating habits will help you get the Candida overgrowth under control. Since depression can be caused by excess Candida, you may also get your mental health under control.

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If you are the type That needs a step by step checklist for treating your Candida overgrowth Including recommended brands and DOSAGES, you will be interested in the book "Candida albicans - The Hidden Disease"

Candida Albicans - The Hidden Disease

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