Fermented Foods Fight Candida

Fermented foods are good sources of natural, healthy bacteria. They can give your body the same benefits of consuming massive quantities of probiotics at a fraction of the cost.

Throughout history, people have fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt as a way to preserve them. It also supports their intestinal health leading to overall health. It is especially helpful in crowding out Candida

Fruits ferment naturally so fermentation has been around longer than humans have. Humans first learned how to ferment food several thousand years ago. The oldest evidence of winemaking is from over eight thousand years ago.

  • The ancient Romans ate sauerkraut

  • In India, from ancient times through today, they consume lassi before dinner and a small serving of curd after dinner

  • Bulgarians consume large amounts of kefir and fermented milk

  • In Asia they enjoy many pickled vegetables - cabbage, turnips, eggplant, cucumbers, onions, squash, and carrots

You should take a cue from these cultures around the world and add some fermented foods to your diet. The good bacteria will crowd out the Candida in your intestines leading to a quicker recovery.

The six benefits of food fermentation are:

  1. Cultures large amounts of healthy bacteria

  2. Preserves food by converting sugars into organic acids like lactic acid

  3. Enhances your diet by adding diverse flavors, aromas and textures

  4. Enriches food with essential fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids and protein

  5. Eliminates anti-nutrients

  6. Decreases cooking times and fuel requirements

There are hundreds of fermented foods from around the world. Many are safe to consume while on the Candida Diet. They are listed in the table below.

However, many fermented foods are unsafe to eat while on the Candida Diet. They either produce alcohol or have too high of a glycemic load. The high glycemic load will lead to a large amount of sugar in the bloodstream which feeds the Candida.

When you buy any of these foods, make sure they do not have any added sugar. These foods are very sour by nature. In today's society, people are used to very sweet foods so many brands add sugar to cover up the sour taste.

You want the foods for their anti-Candida properties created by the sourness. You do not want a sugar-laden food that will feed the Candida.

Safe Fermented Foods





East and Southeast Asia:
  Bagoong Fish Fermented Shrimp Paste
  Belacan Fish Fermented Shrimp Paste
  Burong Mangga Fruit Fermented Mango
  Cheonggukjang Bean Soybean Paste
  Doenjang Bean Soybean Paste
  Fish Sauce Fish Fish Sauce
  Jeotgal Fish Fermented Seafood
  Kimchi Vegetable Fermented Cabbage
  Kombucha Tea Fermented Tea
  Miso Bean Soybean Paste
  Narezushi Fish Fermented Sushi
  Nata De Coco Fruit Coconut Jelly
  Natto Bean Fermented Soybeans
  Prahok Fish Fermented Fish Paste
  Shrimp Paste Fish Fermented Shrimp Paste
  Soy Sauce* Bean Soybean Sauce
  Stinky Tofu Bean Fermented Tofu
  Tempeh Bean Fermented Soybeans
  Zha Cai Vegetable Fermented Mustard Stem
Central Asia:
  Kefir Dairy Yogurt Drink
  Yogurt Dairy Yogurt
  Achar Vegetable Fermented Pickle
  Dahi Dairy Yogurt
  Dhokla Vegetable Fermented Chickpeas
  Lassi Dairy Yogurt Drink
  Mixed Pickle Vegetable Fermented Vegetables
  Gundruk Vegetable Fermented Leafy Vegetables
  Garri Vegetable Fermented Cassava
  Injera Seed Teff Pancake
  Ogiri Seed Fermented Sesame Seeds
  Tibicos Vegetable Water Kefir
Middle East:
  Faseekh Fish Rotten Fish
  Torshi Vegetable Pickled Vegetables
  Apple Cider Vinegar Fruit Apple Cider Vinegar
  Crème Fraîche Dairy Sour Cream
  Filmjölk Dairy Fermented Milk
  Hákarl Fish Fermented Shark
  Ogórek Kiszony Vegetable Pickle
  Rakfisk Fish Fermented Fish
  Salami Meat Cured Sausage
  Sauerkraut Vegetable Fermented Cabbage
  Skyr Dairy Yogurt
  Smetana Dairy Sour Cream
  Surströmming Fish Fermented Fish
  Fermented Poi Vegetable Fermented Taro
New Options:
  Cocobiotic Vegetable Fermented Coconut Water
  Dong Quai Vegetable Fermented Coconut Water
  InnergyBiotic Seeds Fermented Seeds
  Passion Fruit Biotic Grains Fermented Grains

All of the foods shown in red are foods that I have tried and highly recommend.  I am especially fond of kombucha, kefir and miso.


I have a sip of either kombucha or kefir with nearly every meal. I also have a spoonful of either sauerkraut or kimchi with most meals.

Kombucha is naturally effervescent and delicious. This effervescence makes it a great replacement for someone who is addicted to drinking sodas.

There are hundreds of things in modern society that kill off the good bacteria in our intestines. By constantly adding new bacteria with these quality fermented foods, you can prevent a future overgrowth of Candida

Note about Soy Sauce: Most Commercial Soy Sauces (such as Kikkoman) add wheat after the fermentation process. Therefore they are not safe to consume while on the Candida Diet. Make sure you get tamari which is a type of soy sauce that is wheat free.

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