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Candida Albicans Cure ezine, Issue #005 -- Step 5 and Step 6
September 19, 2006

Today I will explain the last two steps of the Six Steps to Health. As a recap, Step One is to remove the causes, Step Two is to starve the candida, Step Three is to kill the candida and Step Four is to repair the damage. Remember - don't skip steps! You will only be doing the candida a favor.

STEP FIVE is to move your bowels. The majority of the toxins in your body are eliminated through the bowels. Getting the bowels moving properly and keeping them moving is crucial to removing the toxins produced by the candida as well as the dead candida. Psyllium hulls are an excellent source of fiber to help the bowels move properly.

Most people benefit from a colon cleanse as well. The poor diets we eat in addition to the chemicals we are exposed to everyday can plug the pores in the colon. This decreases its efficiency in removing the toxins. A 7 or 10 day cleansing will get it working properly again and get you healthy quicker.

STEP SIX is to replace the good bacteria. One of the main candida albicans causes is the reduction of the good bacteria in your gut. Once the good bacteria have been depleted, you need to replace them with probiotics. The probiotics crowd out the candida in the gut as well as producing numerous beneficial chemicals. Once you are cured of the candida, it is a good idea to continue to take the probiotics to prevent a reinfection.

There you are! All of the steps that you need to take to cure yourself once and for all from the scourge of candida overgrowth. None of the steps are hard to do. It takes just a little dedication for a little while in exchange for a lifetime of good health.

I know that if you follow these Six Steps to Health, you - like me - will be healthy and vibrant again. Remember, no one is responsible for your health except for you. Take charge and get healthy!

This is the last of the introductory emails. Stay on the lookout for the regular emails. They will provide you with more tips and insight on how to get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime!

Here's to your health.

Rod Davidson

Copyright, Rodney Davidson, 2006

**This email does not take the place of professional medical advice. Always consult a doctor before starting any candida elimination program.**

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